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    The Death of Acornstar


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    The Death of Acornstar

    Post by Morningstar on Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:44 am

    It was a peaceful day in FernClan. Acornstar, the Clan leader, was resting peacefully.
    Then the badgers attacked.
    They broke through the ferns at the entrance, almost trampling the warriors on guard. There were four of them, and they all headed for the nursery.
    Screeching loudly, Acornstar dashed from his den and raked his claws against the largest badger. It turned to face him and picked him up, flinging him across the camp.
    The other warriors heard the terrifying cry,and rushed out to confront the badgers.They clumped onto the creatures, not letting go. With a cry of rage, the badgers shook themselves, which dislocated a whole bunch of warriors.
    Then they turned back to the nursery, but Acornstar would not let them pass. They bit into his side, and he clawed their noses in return. They left as suddenly as they had come.
    All the cats recovered and faced their limp leader.
    Acornstar lay on the ground, bleeding from a large gash in his stomach. The badger had hurt him the most, and Grasstail rushed to his side. He carried a large bundle of herbs in his mouth. He dropped them at Acornstar's side.
    "Eat these," he mewed fearfully.
    "No, Grasstail. Do not waste precious herbs on me. My last life is almost gone..."
    He turned to face Morningflower, his deputy. Then he delivered one last prophecy, one that he had been waiting to share with Morningflower.
    "The answer is all around you...you just have to look." His simple words burned into her. Many questions swirled in her head.
    "What do I look for, Acornstar?" she whispered. "Tell me!"
    Acornstar took in one last ragged breath. "You will find out...in time." Then he fell limp, never to arise again.
    ((Please don't post...it's just a story))

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